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Ciara Carey

Ciara Carey

As many people with ADHD know, it can make you feel worthless, lazy, self conscious (the list goes on, literally).

My own GP told me that I just need to "relax" and its just anxiety, and to "not over think so much" she put me on 200ml of anxiety meds and diagnosed me with GAD, when I continuously told her about my lack of concentration, feeling worthless, not being able to just do the things I want and need to do.

Then i decided to go private and Doctor Aran was AMAZING(and a feminist), he listened to me and we went through everything and made me feel so much better than anyone ever has about the situation, explained how it works and explained how the feelings of worthlessness are very common and gave me great advice.

And the girls on the phone are very helpful, especially Sarah, she's so kind and exactly the type of person you want to deal with when speaking about the condition.I'm not ashamed to have ADHD, now I know what it is i don't feel so "different" I feel like its my superpower, my sons also have it and getting them diagnosed early is key.I made a list of tasks i needed to complete since starting the medication

  1. Pass my theory test - DONE

  2. Pass my Health and Safety course - Done

  3. Clean my house when its needed - DONE

Ciara Carey
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