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Medico / Legal Reports for Court

At Neuromed Clinic, we offer expert medico-legal services through a team of experienced psychiatrists and psychologists. Our services encompass a range of evaluations that are essential in legal contexts:

Psychiatric Evaluations:

We provide detailed assessments of an individual’s mental health, assessing diagnosis, symptom severity, functional impacts, and treatment history to support legal cases involving mental health issues.

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Capacity Assessments:

Our professionals determine an individual's ability to manage personal and financial matters, make medical decisions, and partake in legal proceedings through cognitive and decision-making evaluations.

Competency Evaluations:

We assess whether individuals can comprehend legal proceedings and contribute to their defense, ensuring they make informed decisions throughout the legal process.

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Testamentary Capacity Assessments:

We evaluate if an individual has the mental capacity to execute legal documents like wills and trusts, ensuring their intentions are recognised legally.

Personal Injury, Trauma, and PTSD Evaluations:

Our team examines the psychological effects of traumatic events and diagnoses conditions such as PTSD, which are critical in legal claims and proceedings.


Neuromed Clinic's medico-legal services adhere to strict ethical standards and provide comprehensive reports and expert testimony to aid legal professionals in making informed decisions.

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