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What we do

Neuromed Clinic provides personalised, evidence-based mental health and wellness services to clients ages 16 and above. Our accomplished team of psychiatrists, therapists, coaches, and support staff share a whole-person approach centred on understanding each client’s unique needs, goals, and strengths. With compassion and clinical excellence, we create customized treatment plans that may integrate counselling, lifestyle coaching, skills training, community referrals, and more. We understand that each person’s path to mental wellness is different. Our practitioners offer decades of combined expertise diagnosing and developing tailored strategies so every client can thrive while managing emotional health challenges. Our team includes:

ADHD Treatment

Dr Ivan Murray, MD, BSC, MSC, PGODT, MMSCI, UKANN(ADHD) MRCPSYCH Consultant Psychiatrist & Medical Director

Dr. Murray brings many years of experience as an ADHD specialist and Consultant Psychiatrist in top clinical and academic settings nationally and internationally. After completing psychiatry training and earlier medical degrees in Ireland, he served as Consultant Psychiatrist at Galway University Hospital before securing a position at a leading Canadian institution, Alberta Hospital, from 2015-2020. There, he also held an academic post at the University of Alberta. On his return to Ireland, Dr Murray worked briefly in St John of God hospital while also developing his own private clinic.  Most recently, Dr. Murray participated in rigorous additional training in advanced brain therapies for neurological conditions from Harvard and Duke Universities as well as the United Kingdom Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN). Dr Murray is the Medical Director and co-founder of our clinic, and is an active member of the Clinical TMS Society (CTMSS) and Canadian Neuromodulation Society (CNS) and the ADHD & Neurodevelopmental Disorders Professional Group (UKANN). Patients of Neuromed Clinic benefit from Dr. Murray’s specialised expertise and patient-first approach to accurately diagnosing and developing personalized multi-modal ADHD treatment plans.


Lisa Maloney, Ph.D, Bsc (Hons) PgODT

Lisa is an accomplished Occupational Therapist and co-founder/director of Neuromed Clinic. She holds a BSc Honours degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, Post Graduate Training in Opioid Dependency Treatment, from the Center of Mental Health (CAMH), University of Toronto, Canada, and a PhD graduand from the National University of Galway, Ireland. Lisa’s doctoral research brought to light how the human rights of people with mental health disorders residing in state-run facilities can still be infringed upon by institutionalisation and outdated models of care. Her research has enlightened the ongoing discussion around patient dignity in modern psychiatry practice. In addition to her educational background, Lisa has worked professionally in Belfast City Hospital, Northern Ireland, Galway University Hospital, Ireland and as a specialist adviser to Alberta Health Services as a specialist in rehabilitation and recovery strategies 2017-2020. In addition, Lisa has comprehensive experience in clinical supervision and teaching, including university lecturing and serves as a certified TMS technician and member of the Canadian Neuromodulation Society, remaining at the forefront of innovative treatment approaches. With her blend of academic excellence and diverse medical experience, she offers immense expertise to the Neuromed Clinic leadership team.

Dr Vishnu Pradeep

Dr Vishnu Pradeep (Consultant Psychiatrist) 
MD, MPA, MSc, MRCPsych, MCPsychI 

Dr Pradeep is a Consultant Psychiatrist who specializes in adult and later life psychiatry with Neuromed Clinic. He completed his psychiatric training through the Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, and University of Limerick training scheme. Dr Pradeep is on the specialist register with the Irish Medical Council and holds memberships with both the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) and the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland. Dr Pradeep has over eleven years of experience working for the HSE and held clinical roles within the mental health services in the Mid-West of Ireland and in Dublin South West. His  area of clinical interest includes anxiety and mood disorders, metabolic health, and neurodevelopmental disorders across various age groups. He also holds master degrees in public administration and leadership in healthcare.

ADHD Treatment

Dr Aileen McAuliffe (Consultant Psychiatrist)

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Clinical Psychologist

Dr Aran Tomac (Consultant Psychiatrist)

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MRCPsych, MCPsychI Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Michal Vrabec, MRCPsych, MCPsychI (Consultant Psychiatrist)

Dr. Michal Vrabec brings over 15 years of psychiatry experience to his work after completing his medical training in Slovakia. He has cultivated specialty expertise across a diverse range of mental health settings. His extensive practice history encompasses community and inpatient psychiatry, liaison psychiatry, eating disorder treatment, psychiatric intensive care, and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. He has also held academic appointments as a Senior Lecturer at University College Cork and University College Dublin. Dr. Michal takes particular interest in managing complex psychiatric cases featuring co-occurring mental disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions. He stays at the leading edge of treatment innovations through his work implementing neuromodulation interventions such as TMS. With his blend of education abroad, academic knowledge, and practical Irish psychiatry experience across top hospitals in Cork, Dublin, and Galway, Dr. Michal brings immense expertise in diagnosis and multi-modal care. His goal is supporting improved quality of life for patients even with the most severe, complex mental health challenges.

Anna Glynn

Anna Glynn (Senior Occupational Therapist)

Anna is a highly-accomplished Senior Occupational Therapist bringing over 8 years of specialised experience in mental health to her work. She holds a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy and has further honed her skills through advanced certifications in interventions like DBT, MBT, Trauma Therapy, Family Therapies, WRAP, Health Coaching and is trained in the Assessment of Motor and Process Skills. Anna worked extensively in mental health within the UK's National Health Service and currently works as a Senior Occupational Therapist in the Acute Adult Mental Health Unit in Galway City.


Anna has cultivated multifaceted expertise spanning complex areas like suicide and self-harm prevention, trauma recovery, and supporting individuals with autism. She continues pursuing research on suicide risk assessment and safety planning in conjunction with a consultant psychiatrist colleague.


As a recovery-oriented practitioner,  Anna believes deeply in the power of holistic wellbeing approaches drawing on occupation, mindfulness, and the mind-body connection. She is a certified Trauma Specialist Yoga Teacher specializing in trauma-sensitive methods. Her approach also creatively integrates communication tools like PECS and LAMH.


With her combination of advanced training, research insight, and diverse mental health practice, Anna strives to provide Neuromed Clinic client’s with personalized support. Her goal is collaborating to build motivation, resilience, and meaningful occupations that contribute to a fulfilling life. Anna’s dedication and specialty experience allow her to help clients facing even the most complex mental health challenges progress towards recovery and improved wellness.


Dr Susan McGarvie: Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Coach, BCur | Hons [Psychology] | MPhil [Palliative Care] | PhD [Psychology]

Susan provides mindfulness-based therapeutic coaching to adult clients. She provides a collaborative therapeutic change process that integrates the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, and coaching.  It is a gentle, but powerful process that will help you identify and change long-standing habits and patterns that may be getting in the way of you being able to adjust and grow – a guided self-exploration process that helps you to create space for new experiences and a new way of being that feels more spacious, more in control and more fulfilled. Her practice is evidence-based and informed by both research [her own and leading research in therapy and coaching] and her twenty years working experience in various field of the healthcare, NPO and academic sectors where she was involved in coaching, counselling, consulting, strategic leadership, and training and development. To learn more about Susan and her approach, you can visit her website.


Monica Maloney (Certified Life Coach)

Monica is a caring, insightful life coach dedicated to helping clients better manage their symptoms, improve productivity, and reach personal goals. After pursuing coach training, Monica chose to specialise in Life Coaching because she felt drawn to help empower those facing organisational, time management, emotional regulation, or focus-related challenges.

Through her customised one-on-one coaching sessions, Monica aids clients in developing practical lifestyle strategies, tools, healthy habits, and mindset shifts tailored to their unique needs and aspirations. She enables clients to enhance productivity, motivation, stress resilience, and consistency pursuing passions or responsibilities.


With compassion, candor and encouragement rooted in both solid coaching fundamentals, Monica structures personalised plans keeping clients invested and on track meeting milestones. She finds nothing more rewarding than helping her clients overcome obstacles and thrive while living with ADHD.


Sarah Connor (Neuromed Clinic Manager)

Sarah is a dedicated Clinic Manager who recently made the move to Ireland. With a decade-long experience as the Head Secretary for a team of 10 General Practitioners in a rapidly growing GP surgery, she has honed her skills in organization, administration, and fostering a nurturing healthcare environment.

Her passion lies in aiding others through diligent work, showcasing a meticulous eye for detail in all her endeavours. Sarah's approach is characterized by fairness, coupled with unwavering respect and dignity for everyone she interacts with, both colleagues and patients alike.

Outside the clinic, Sarah's heart lies in her family. She cherishes nothing more than traveling back to her hometown in the UK to reunite with her young adult children and their partners. These visits offer cherished moments of connection and joy, providing a well-deserved break whilst having quality family time.

Beyond her professional commitments, Sarah finds solace and joy in long walks, often accompanied by her husband and their cherished French Bulldog.

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