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DARE & RACE Applications for Exam Students

Disability Access Route to Education and Reasonable Accommodations at Certificate Examinations

DARE (Disability Access Route to Education) and RACE (Reasonable Accommodations at Certificate Examinations) are key initiatives in Ireland designed to support secondary and university students with disabilities or specific learning differences. DARE provides a college admissions scheme that offers places at reduced points for school leavers who have disabilities that have impacted their education long-term. This enables them to enter higher education courses with a lower points requirement, fostering an inclusive environment and promoting equal opportunities in accessing higher education.

RACE offers accommodations during secondary school state exams to students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and various other conditions. Neuromed Clinic’s Psychiatrists assess these students to document their needs, allowing them to receive appropriate exam accommodations, such as reading assistance, scribe services, or adapted exam papers. This ensures they can perform to their true potential, reflecting their abilities accurately during critical examinations.

Neuromed Clinic plays a crucial role by providing comprehensive psychiatric assessments for students aiming to access these initiatives. Their work supports an equitable and inclusive educational environment, empowering students with disabilities or learning differences to pursue their academic goals without undue barriers.

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