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Dr. Michal Vrabec

MRCPsych, MCPsychI (Consultant Psychiatrist)

Dr. Michal Vrabec brings over 15 years of psychiatry experience to his work after completing his medical training in Slovakia. He has cultivated specialty expertise across a diverse range of mental health settings. His extensive practice history encompasses community and inpatient psychiatry, liaison psychiatry, eating disorder treatment, psychiatric intensive care, and services for individuals with intellectual disabilities. He has also held academic appointments as a Senior Lecturer at University College Cork and University College Dublin. Dr. Michal takes particular interest in managing complex psychiatric cases featuring co-occurring mental disorders and neurodevelopmental conditions. He stays at the leading edge of treatment innovations through his work implementing neuromodulation interventions such as TMS. With his blend of education abroad, academic knowledge, and practical Irish psychiatry experience across top hospitals in Cork, Dublin, and Galway, Dr. Michal brings immense expertise in diagnosis and multi-modal care. His goal is supporting improved quality of life for patients even with the most severe, complex mental health challenges.

Dr. Michal Vrabec
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