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Dr Tara Logan

B.A. Hons,H.Dip.Psych,M.A. Applied Psych
(Chartered Senior Clinical Psychologist)

Dr. Tara Logan Buckley is a Chartered Senior Clinical Psychologist working in private practice. She received her undergraduate (B.A. Hons), Higher Diploma (H.Dip.Psych), and Master's degree (M.A. Applied Psych) from University College Cork. She went on to complete her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. One of her specialist residencies was in an Assessment of Need Service assessing children and young people’s needs in terms of diagnosis, interventions and supports. She is currently undergoing a postgraduate course in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy at the Integrative Psychiatry Institute in Boulder, Colorado in the US and is due to finish in May 2024.


Tara has experience in mental health assessment, formulation, treatment, intervention, and behaviour change with children/adolescents, adults, and those living with additional needs. To date, Tara has worked extensively in private and public mental health, forensic and educational settings and charitable organisations where she has provided a psychological service to a broad range of clients presenting with severe and complex psychological, behavioural, and emotional difficulties along with enduring mental health difficulties. These difficulties include depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, attachment disorder, OCD, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and personality disorder.


Tara has a special interest in the assessment of neurodivergence among young people and adults. Having received a diagnosis of neurodiversity later in her own life, she has personal insight into how this has impacted her well-being, education and navigation of the world. Tara believes in conducting an empowering, collaborative neurodiversity-affirmative approach to adult, autism assessment where the individual feels valued, supported and listened to. She endeavours to provide a safe, secure and supportive space where she holds mutual respect for one's experiences and discovering their neurodiversity identity.

Dr Tara Logan
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