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Image by Helena Lopes


Dr Susan McGarvie

Mindfulness-Based Therapeutic Coach, BCur | Hons
[Psychology] | MPhil [Palliative Care] | PhD [Psychology]

Susan provides mindfulness-based therapeutic coaching to adult clients. She provides a collaborative therapeutic change process that integrates the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, and coaching.  It is a gentle, but powerful process that will help you identify and change long-standing habits and patterns that may be getting in the way of you being able to adjust and grow – a guided self-exploration process that helps you to create space for new experiences and a new way of being that feels more spacious, more in control and more fulfilled. Her practice is evidence-based and informed by both research [her own and leading research in therapy and coaching] and her twenty years working experience in various field of the healthcare, NPO and academic sectors where she was involved in coaching, counselling, consulting, strategic leadership, and training and development. To learn more about Susan and her approach, you can visit her website.

Dr Susan McGarvie
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