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Sports Performance

Elevate Your Game with EEG-Guided TMS

Welcome to the future of sports performance! Our Neuroperformance Program is Europe’s first dedicated sports performance program that integrates brain function with cutting edge technology. By harnessing the power of neuroscience, we bring you a cutting-edge approach that targets your brain's potential, unlocks new levels of athletic excellence and transforms the way you train and compete.

How It Works

Precision Brain Mapping

Using state-of-the-art EEG technology, we create a detailed map of your brain's activity. This allows us to identify the specific areas involved in critical functions like focus, coordination, and reaction times.

Targeted Stimulation

With the precision of TMS, we stimulate these targeted areas to enhance their performance. This non-invasive technique uses magnetic fields to gently activate brain regions, improving neural efficiency and connectivity.

Neurocogntive testing

Using a powerful neurocognitive platform we assess baseline abilities and track progress.

Potential Benefits

Enhanced Focus and Concentration:

Achieve a laser-like focus during training and competition, helping you to stay in the zone, make more accurate split-second decisions and reduce errors.

Improved Reaction Times:

Sharpen your reflexes and reduce your response time, giving you a crucial edge over your opponents.

Optimised Mental Clarity:

Clear mental fog and enhance cognitive functions, ensuring you maintain peak performance under pressure.

Increased Resilience:

Strengthen your mental fortitude, enabling you to recover quickly from setbacks and stay motivated throughout your journey.

Why Choose EEG-Guided TMS?

Our program is designed for athletes who are committed to reaching their full potential. Whether you're a professional looking to gain a competitive edge or an aspiring athlete aiming for greatness, EEG-guided TMS offers personalised, scientifically-backed solutions to elevate your performance.

Importantly as EEG-Guided TMS enhances cognitive function at the neuronal level, it can boost your ability to engage with Sports Psychology and may even allow for a more individualised and targeted psychological program.

Don't just train harder—train smarter. Join the revolution and discover how EEG-guided TMS can transform your athletic abilities.


Sports Performance
EEG Guided TMS in Sports Performance

"Effects of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) on Cognitive and Motor Function in Elite Athletes"

Authors: Huang, Y., Wang, X., and Chen, J.

Journal: Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 2022

Summary:  This study investigated the effects of TMS on cognitive and motor functions in elite athletes. The results showed significant improvements in reaction times, hand-eye coordination, and decision-making speed. Athletes who received TMS demonstrated enhanced performance in sports-specific tasks, suggesting that TMS can be an effective tool for cognitive and motor enhancement in high-performance sports.

"Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Enhancing Athletic Performance: A Review of Current Evidence"

Authors: Silva, S., Pereira, R., and Marques, A.

Journal: Sports Medicine, 2023

Summary:  This comprehensive review analysed various studies on the application of TMS in sports. It highlighted that TMS can improve neuromuscular efficiency, increase muscle strength, and enhance cognitive functions like concentration and spatial awareness. The review emphasized the potential of TMS to be integrated into regular training routines to boost overall athletic performance.

"Neuromodulation with TMS in Enhancing Focus and Reducing Performance Anxiety in Athletes"

Authors: Kim, H., Lee, J., and Park, S.

Journal: Frontiers in Psychology, 2023

Summary:  This study focused on the psychological benefits of TMS, particularly in enhancing focus and reducing performance anxiety. Athletes who underwent TMS sessions reported lower levels of pre-competition anxiety and improved focus during performance. The findings support the use of TMS as a psychological tool to help athletes manage stress and maintain concentration under pressure.

"The Role of TMS in Recovery and Rehabilitation of Athletes"

Authors: Martinez, F., Gonzalez, D., and Lopez, M.

Journal: Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 2023

Summary:  This research explored the benefits of TMS in the recovery and rehabilitation processes of injured athletes. The study found that TMS can accelerate neuromuscular recovery, reduce pain, and improve motor function. Athletes who received TMS as part of their rehabilitation protocol showed faster recovery times and better outcomes compared to those who did not receive TMS.

"Enhancing Motor Learning in Athletes through TMS: A Controlled Study"

Authors: Rossi, R., Vecchi, F., and Caruso, A.

Journal: Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 2024

Summary:  This controlled study examined the impact of TMS on motor learning in athletes. Participants were divided into a TMS group and a control group. The TMS group demonstrated significantly greater improvements in motor skills and learning new sports techniques compared to the control group. The study concluded that TMS can be a valuable tool for accelerating motor learning and skill acquisition in athletes.

"The Impact of High-Frequency TMS on Athletic Endurance and Performance"

Authors: Johnson, T., Miller, K., and Brown, L.

Journal: European Journal of Sport Science, 2023

Summary:  This study investigated the effects of high-frequency TMS on athletic endurance and performance. Athletes who received high-frequency TMS showed significant improvements in endurance tests and overall performance metrics. The study suggests that TMS can enhance physical endurance, likely through its effects on neural pathways involved in fatigue resistance.

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